SEAC and the Start of Image Processing at the National Bureau of Standards

by Russell A. Kirsch

portrait of George A. Moore

George A. Moore

Dr. George A. Moore was born in New York City in 1913 and died on December 27, 1992. Dr. Moore received a Master's Degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Chemistry and Metallurgy from Princeton University. Dr. Moore began his career working at the Battelle Memorial Institute, a private research facility in Columbus, Ohio. He taught at the University of Pennsylvania before moving to the Washington, D.C., area in 1951. He began his career at NBS following his move to Washington and served as Chief Metallurgist in the Metallurgy Division until his retirement in 1978. He was an authority in the field of stereology-- computer analysis of images of metals. Dr. Moore served as chairman of the organizing committee of the International Congress for Stereology and editor of the Journal of the Pattern Recognition Society.

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