SEAC and the Start of Image Processing at the National Bureau of Standards

by Russell A. Kirsch

portrait of George Hicho

George Hicho

Mr. George Hicho graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1960 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgical Engineering. In 1976 Mr. Hicho earned his Masters of Science degree in Materials Science from George Washington University. He initially was employed by Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation as a quality control engineer, and served in the Armed Forces. In January 1962 he joined the staff of the Metallurgy Division of the National Bureau of Standards as a member of the Mechanical Metallurgy Group. During this period, Mr. Hicho published 45 archival publications in the field of ferrous metallurgy. In addition to his basic metallurgy work, he published 46 failure analysis reports for both the U.S. Government and industry. He has over 38 years of laboratory and consulting experience in the mechanical metallurgy field. In addition, Mr. Hicho developed a number of standard reference materials used throughout industry including five retained austenite standards. He is a member of ASTM Committee E24 on Fracture.

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